Building Department - PERMITS

WELCOME to the City of St. Cloud Building Department Permitting Portal. This portal enables citizens and contractors to view the status of pending applications and approved permits online. You will be able to view and check inspection status, results and inspector comments, view outstanding fees and view/print your building permits and approved plans. This portal gives real time information of all permits by entering in an address or permit number. You can track the progress of your permit through each phase until from submission through the close of your project.

Permit Submittal:
Permit Submittal is fast and easy just click on the link below and you will be asked just a few questions and will have access to upload all your documents.

Apply for a new permit here.

Document Uploads:
Document Originators must ensure that all files to be uploaded must be saved to allow for MARKUPS and not read-only. Files attached as read-only can delay the review of your plans.

To schedule an inspection please contact our automated inspection line at 407-979-4725. For more information on scheduling inspections, please review our IVR Pamphlet (PDF).

We are proud to announce our Select Text option now allowing our citizens and contractors to text "Schedule" to 1-844-360-1552. By doing so contractors will receive a text back with their inspection results as soon as the inspection is completed! SelecTxt Pamphlet (PDF) for more information.

All inspections shall be scheduled no later than 6 a.m. the working day of the inspection.

To schedule inspections for Fire Inspection permits
beginning with F, call 407-957-8484
To schedule inspections for Driveway or Right of Way permits
beginning with P, call 407-957-7344.