Building Department - PERMITS

WELCOME to the City of St. Cloud Building Department Permit submission portal. This portal enables citizens and contractors to submit completed applications for building permits online. You will be able to submit applications, view inspection schedule and check inspection status, view outstanding fees, and view/print your building permit. After submission, you can track the progress of your project submission through each phase until approved and your building permit has been issued.

This portal can handle file sizes up to 100MB that would eliminate printing, shipping or dropping off projects. You must be logged into your account in order to attach files. Once logged in, click the "Attach Document" menu button, name your file, choose "Browse" and select the file to attach. Finally, click "ATTACH" and you are all set.

Document Originators must ensure that all files to be uploaded must be saved to allow for MARKUPS and not read-only. Files attached as read-only can delay the review of your plans.

Submitting permit applications is now easier and faster with our new system, and tracking your application status is at your fingertips. First, you should begin by setting up a Permit user account as described below.

Click "New User" to create an account. This will allow you or your business representative to: track progress, receive email notifications, attach documents, print documents and display fees owed

Once you've completed your account setup, you can proceed to submit for a permit by logging in to your account and following the steps for that process.
A log-in is not required to search for the status of your project. Simply click the "Search Permit" and you can search by 1) Permit number; 2) Address; and 4) Parcel Number.